Cyd's Hands-On Private Cooking Co-Operatives
Cyd's offers private cooking co-operatives.  Just what is a cooking cooperative?  A fun night that's half cooking class + half catered party!  These events are available as a private event for groups of 10 or more.  Here's how they work: the group meets at Cyd's + begins the night with a quick discussion regarding the evening's menu, the approaches involved, and a rundown of how Cyd's kitchen works. At this point, we decide who will make what recipes + enter the kitchen.  This is when things really get cooking!  The group works with a menu composed of several recipes designed around a general theme.  All participants take part in creating all the recipes, making up an entire meal of many components.  Upon completion of the meal, everyone enjoys the dishes as a buffet served in Cyd's Cafe.  It's a night filled with learning, fun + great food.  It's a wonderful experience for groups-- the night can be designed to function as a group competition, which is a great team building exercise. 
To schedule your private Cyd's Cooking Co-operative, call Emily Cotton at 685-1100. 
[*please see all class regulations below!]

 *emily also teaches open to the public, demonstration grilling classes @ Hearth & Patio in Pioneer Parkway (*pictured above.)

Private Cooking Cooperative Regulations

  • All events are private.  Menu + class size must be confirmed + finalized 1 week prior to class date.
  • Dates are chosen based on Cyd's availabilty.
  • Classes begin at 6pm.  
  • Each student must sign a sheet agreeing to Cyd's cooking classes policies.
  • Cancellations must occur within 96 hours of class to ensure a full refund. 
  • Cyd's can not be responsible for late cancellations.
  • Sorry -- Cyd's doesn't allow children under 18 in class.
  • Students may consume food while attending the class, but may not be permitted to take food off premises.
  • Cyd's is not responsible for lost or stolen items while attending classes.
  • Each student attends class with full knowledge of what cooking in a commercial kitchen entails & waives Cyd's of any liability as a result of injury while attending cooking classes.


Hours: Monday- Friday 9am - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 6pm
closed Sunday
Phone. [309] 685.1100
5901 N. Prospect Road, Suite 5a
Peoria, IL 61614

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